Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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This week it’s all about MOM!

Sure surprising her with a lavish vacation would be grand, but for the most part, mom wants to know you care, and that you appreciate everything she’s done for you. If you’re strapped for cash, but still have the best mom in the world, here’s a few simple heartfelt gifts that go a long way for less.




If you’ve got little ones – this idea is such a treasure for moms and grandmas alike. Not only is it “hand”made by her favorite people, but it’s a marker in time of their size and ages. Whatever the size of frame you’re looking for, it’s always going to be less at Thrift Town. Often, you can even find them pre-matted.




For the mom who has a lot of jewelry – there are a TON of simple DIY ways to help her organize it all. Head over to our frames section and find one that would go well with her decor (you can easily paint it to match – so go for size over color). Then add your own combination of metal hooks, wires, lace, mesh or fabric to create a custom jewelry holder for mom.



This is a favorite thrifty DIY project of mine – sometimes moms need to be encouraged to RELAX, and candles are a great start. Whether you find one or a whole set you’re in love with, Thrift Town has beautiful cups perfect for this project, for WAY less than a fancy gift shop. Once you find the perfect cup:


  • get wicks and wax at a craft store
  • clean the cup and glue the wick to the center of the cup
  • fill cup with melted wax, making sure to secure the wick so it stays upright while the wax hardens.
  • TA-DA!


Don’t come in to Thrift Town with blinders on, dead set on an item from above, and miss out on all the little things that mom might love. We have so many adorable totes and baskets for just a few bucks! Grab a summer scarf, a pair of earrings, or a cute pair of summer sandals. Swing by the grocery store and pick up her favorite home magazine, and candy bar to sweeten the whole package. Then wrap it all in the tote, and don’t forget the heartfelt handmade card. Moms really do keep those things forever. 

Hope you have a great week and spoil mom like she deserves – Happy Thrifting, Friends!


     Kari Shipman is thrifty, eco-conscious, and knows the importance of supporting local charities. She has been our featured blogger since we started the blog in 2010, and has a serious passion for fashion. In addition to owning her own Fashion Consulting Business, Juniper James, Kari is the Retail Manager and Designer Consultant for Flywheel, a non-profit, all-local designer retail shop/art studio.

Kari lives out her passions in Northern California with her wonderful husband Charles, and their puppy, Gracie.


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