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You may have heard about this little hit show called Stranger Things that took Netflix by storm… I ended up binge-watching this rad show set in the 80’s along with the rest of America, and when I got done you could call me a bit obsessed. So when an annual cosplay event came around in our town soon after, I had no doubt that my little family was going as Stranger Things characters, with my daughter Olive going as the main character, Eleven / Elle.

     photo image of Eleven on Stranger Thingsblonde wig + pink 80’s dress with white collar + navy jacket

photo image of Eleven from Stranger Things
( + white socks with stripes + white tennis shoes)

   photo image of "Eleven" Stranger Things Costume

The dress was particularly special, as it was mine when I was 2yrs old – you know, in the
1980’s. Navy boy’s collared shirt: $0.99  // plain white tennis shoes: $1.99  //  perfectly
blonde wig: $4.99  // white socks (+ marker stripes): $0.49  //  waffle purse: handmade

photo image of "Eleven" Stranger Things Costume waffle purse

This waffle purse was so fun to make. In the show, the character Eleven eats a lot of Eggo
waffles, so I thought it’d be fun to bring that into the costume (and not just go buy a box).

$0.99 for 2 pieces of tan felt + $2.99 for the package of cording (with a bunch left for
other projects), and an evening of re-watching stranger things episodes while I sewed,
sketched and colored. And yes, Olive totally rocks her waffle purse out of costume
(thus totally out of context — awesome).

   photo image of "Eleven" Stranger Things Costume

Total costume price: $12.44
Seeing my kid rock it : PRICELESS

Our busy girl basically didn’t stand still the entire night (save the 2 photos above)
so we got very little documentation of all of us together. But we went as:

Chief Hopper: khaki pants $4.99 // khaki shirt $2.99 // my hat // sheriff badge $0.49

     photo image Stranger Things Sheriff
Joyce Byers: brown pants $1.99 // boys striped sweater $2.99 //
black shoes $1.99 // christmas lights: mine // olive jacket: borrowed

   photo image Stranger Things mom

& Eleven.

Here’s the shot a friend got of us being announced on stage in front of hundreds of
people. Olive is obviously in character and totally not impressed with the hoards of
people screaming and cheering for her. Geez kid. Also one of the only times that
night she actually wore the wig. Still totally worth it.

   photo image Stranger Things family costume

Cherry on top for the whole fun evening:
we beat out a ton of other contestants and WON THE COSTUME CONTEST!

Happy Early Halloween! xo – Kari (& Olive)

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