FAB FALL FLATS: secondhand chic for cheap

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I’m such a huge sucker for fall. I know it’s “everyone’s favorite season” so it’s not a
unique love, but it still runs deep, people. Fall and I have a thing. Fall fashion
means so many things to different people, but sone thing that many overlook as
they dive headlong into SCARVES AND JACKETS AND BOOTS OH MY is that
there’s this transitional period where, especially here in California, it’s not bitter
cold yet, there’s no snow, no need to hunker down for months, but no longer
blazing hot either. So, my favorite outfit staples of this awesome transitional
time, (after lightweight flowy cardigans) is fun flats.




While at Thrift Town looking for pieces to make my Star Wars Costumes,
I was stopped mid-aisle by these adorable flats. Now, the hard thing about
thrifting is that sometimes you find GREAT stuff, and it’s so not your size.




With clothing, if I love it but it’s too big, oftentimes I’ll still buy and alter it to fit me.
But too-small clothes and shoes you’re just plain outta luck. What it does do though,
is connects me even more to my girlfriends. I mean, how *cute* are these flats?
Someone I know has got to have them!




I keep a running list in my phone notes of all my girlfriends’ shoe sizes. That way when I see an adorable pair of size 8’s (and I’m a 5 1/2) I look at the 5 girlfriends who wear 8’s, who’s style it would best suit, and send them a pic text. If they love them, I buy them and we then set a coffee date. They buy the coffee, I bring the shoes, everyone wins!




You know you’re a thrift addict when you go to do a post on flats and you have group
shots via categories from your own closet. Guys, these 4 pairs combined cost me
what 1 pair would have otherwise. How does everyone not thrift? I don’t understand.


Also – having interesting metalic flats are an awesome way to add interest to maybe
a bright or busy look without making it too over the top. Neutrals with interest.




The red-ish collection from my closet — other than the canvas flats which are obviously casual, you can dress up or down with these. The red is fun to add as a pop to an otherwise neutral look, whether it be shorts and a top or a cute dress.




I’m slightly embarrassed and also proud(?) that I have a lot of thrifted taller ankle-height
shoes that I adore, but I only picked 3 to feature here. The microsuede tan wedges might
be my favorite shoes I own. I’d been drooling over friends’ pairs, and couldn’t stomach the
retail price, then magically a pair appeared at Thrift Town for $3.99 and you better believe
I did a full-flail happy dance in the aisle. Thrift Town has super cute flats all the stinkin’
time. Get over there already!


Repost:  — Happy Thrifting, everyone! XO Kari




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