Festival on a Budget!

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Festival season is here! A huge part of the experience is dressing up. Sometimes this means a few costume changes per day as the temperatures rise and fall!  Festival fashion is constantly changing, but here are some must-have items that you’ll want in your travel bag and they won’t break the bank… Lord knows you’ll need all your extra cash to buy those spendy tickets!

These customers brought Thrift Town along to Coachella.

Protect those baby blues during the day with some cool shades in every shape and color.

A Great Hat:
Add some personality and sun protection with a great hat. Embellish it with ribbon, some flowers or glue on some bling. (Check out Ali’s blog on embellishing a sun hat. )

Head Scarves/ Wraps:
Headscarves are super popular this year. We have great scarves, many for about a buck or two. I searched YouTube for two good examples of super cute ways to tie a headscarf. They can also be used as sun protection, for warmth and to cover your face when the dust kicks up. 

Good Close Toed Shoes/Combat Boots:
You’ll be walking A LOT and DANCING all night, so make sure your footwear is comfortable. Because it can be dirty, dusty and sweaty, you may want to toss your shoes after the festival. It makes a lot of sense to get a pair of slightly used shoes at the thrift store instead of new ones from the department store.

You need a place to stash your cell phone, cash and your Chapstick. We have lots of funky bags to choose from!

Warm Layers/A Great Jacket:
It can get cold in the wee hours of the night. Bring a jacket or some warm layers like a wrap.

Going to a festival with thrifted items from Thrift Town? #ThriftTown on Instagram and tell us about what you brought! Have fun!



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