Got Game? Secondhand Sporting Clothing and Equipment Can Help You WIN BIG by Saving Money

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photo of girl in fitness clothing in natureSports are so incredibly good for us humans- old and young alike. Sports and athletics have many health benefits; they build health and fitness, both physical and mental. Keep at it and these benefits will see you throughout your lifetime.

Sports teach us important lessons about winning, losing, cooperating, and setting goals. They are an outlet for our emotions and give us many opportunities to socialize.

One of the only downsides is the cost. Being athletic or part of a sports club or team does not come cheap. Registration fees, tournament fees, clothing, equipment, lessons, club dues, greens fees, lift tickets, etc. can break your bank.

photo of sporting balls

Not to worry! It’s Thrift Town to the rescue with some good news. Secondhand sporting clothing and equipment can help you WIN by saving you a lot of money.  We can’t cover your sports expenses, but we can help you save on clothing and gear.

Here are a few examples of the types of clothing and gear you can find at your local Thrift Town store.

photo of golf balls

Golfballs can be super expensive. The most expensive can be over $50 for a dozen. Look at this huge bag for under two bucks! That’s some super savings! Keep in mind you don’t want to play a game with a damaged ball, so inspect your secondhand balls if you choose to use them.

photo of golf shoes

Got Cleats? These ones won’t set you back and may help you pay for your next round of golf with the savings.

Look at all these glorious secondhand exercise and sports gear items found at Thrift Town. Some have super expensive, top-quality name brands! You can look great and not break a sweat when paying thrift store prices for this hard-working gear.

We organize our clothing by size which makes shopping for your sportswear super easy.

kids sportswear

Even our kid’s department has a sportswear section!

photo of exercise gear

All of these fitness items were purchased at Thrift Town. These are sure to get your workout going.

photo of women's workout gear

Get name brand workout gear for much less than buying new. I don’t think the people at the gym will even notice how little you paid to look so good.

photo of boys cleats

If you can count on anything, your kid’s feet will grow. These cleats were about $5 and are upwards of $30 new.

photo of girls cleats photo of kids shoes

Be on the lookout for all types of sporting goods like these baseball gloves and pants!

photo baseball gloves

phtoo of baseball pants

…Or these racquets

photo of racquets

Skiing or boarding this season? We’ve got you covered and will keep you toasty warm on the slopes. This rack of snow gear was just spotted at one of our Thrift Town locations.

photo of ski clothing

Just Do It! Get Physical! Got Game?
Your body and mind will thank you. Namaste.



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