Hot for Fall (This includes the Canadian Tuxedo!)

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We’re huge fans of fashion at Thrift Town! Every year we comb the fashion magazines and blogs to come up with what’s hot, new and exciting! Here is our list for this year.

One of the items that’s trending is the CanadianTuxedo / Denim-on-Denim. . Thrift Town has loads of denim for a steal! Here is blogger Kari’s understated take on this denim trend.

  • Creme/beige stretch denim on the bottom ($3.99)
  • Fitted chambray on top ($1.99)
  • Giant tan purse ($5.99) is stylish, and holds all the mom gear
  • Cardigan in a classy black & white navajo print adds a pop of pattern and an extra layer if it suddenly turns chilly


If you’re looking for fall color trends, look no further than our friends at Pantone.

Photo and thrifted fashions by Kari Shipman

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