10 TIPS on Creating GREAT and Affordable Halloween Costumes:

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Nearly 179 million Americans will dress up for Halloween, that’s just about half of us. (Last year we Americans spent a staggering 9 billion on Halloween.) SO, MOST LIKELY IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU ARE PROBABLY IN SERIOUS NEED OF A GREAT COSTUME. It’s time to get your costume on!  

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  1. No time? Want the process to be easy? Get a premade costume. We sell gently used pre-made package costumes on special racks, so if you’re in a hurry or you don’t want to put too much effort into your costume, it’s an easy bet.  photo image costumes  photo of Halloween Costume racks
  2. Scaring up your own unique special costume hands-down is better than the packaged stuff. A little extra effort and creativity are needed. Thrift Town can help! Decide if you want to wear a stand-alone costume, a couples costume or if you are part of a group costume and plan accordingly.
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  3. Look to your own closet for basic pieces you may have to incorporate into a costume.
  4. Go shopping with an open mind. Check out our video on shopping for Halloween Costumes at Thrift Town:  https://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/video/category/spoken-word-good-day/3932041-thrift-town-halloween-costumes/
  5. Shop secondhand first! Why pay too much for a costume you’ll wear once? It’s truly not necessary. Put together as much as you can secondhand and fill in any blanks by borrowing or buying new at Halloween Super Stores or online.
  6. You can either go thrifting with a vision and hunt for those perfect pieces and props, or you can ask for help. At Thrift Town, our associates love to help you make the perfect costume. photo image of crew dressed in costumes
  7. Spootacular Halloween clothing and props lurk behind every corner of Thrift Town so look high and look low in every department! photo image of halloween props
  8. Accessorize! Don’t forget the finishing touches. They make all the difference in an authentic costume.
  9. Don’t forget to do your hair and makeup! Great hair and makeup can really take a costume from okay to spectacular. There are loads of tutorials on youtube and Pinterest if you go looking for them.
    photos of great halloween makeup and hair photo image wizzard of oz costumes
  10. Check out Thrift Town’s Halloween Inspiration Pinterest board. We scoured the internet for loads of clever and fantastic costume ideas for all ages, from simple to elaborate.

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