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Thrifting Made Easy ~

5 Steps that will help with the thrifting process!
I found that a “how to” video might be helpful for those of you that love thrift shopping and want to learn how to master it. Everyone has their own techniques which is great, it always helps to have a system. Here are 5 tips that help me when I go on thrift shopping. Enjoy the vlog!

Always keep in mind:

  1. Mindset- have an open mind to what you’ll find, no judgements just observations
  2. Season-the time of year and what is practical to look for
  3. Current Wardrobe- what styles you love wearing and can go with your closet
  4. Purpose-think about the occasion whether it be prom, costumes, or DIY projects
  5. Sections- the sections are there to help make things easier on you, take advantage of that!!

People may think thifting isn’t for everyone, but it can be! Thrift Town has something for everyone just remember what you’re searching for, be patient, and most importantly… HAVE FUN!!





Ali Futrell lives in San Francisco and attends the San Francisco Art Institute. She loves DIY projects and anything involving fashion or art. Being a starving student, she has come to realize thrifting is a great way to save money yet still look fashionable, and Thrift Town makes that possible! #alisblog


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