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IT’S HOT. I get it. And the last thing you want to wear is something black, or layers, cause those things are meant for fall and winter. But hear me out — you just need one easypeasy black t-shirt dress and you have so may possibilities!


THE dress. $3.99 at Thrift Town, and made of tshirt lightweight cotton.
Just the right length, no fussy straps to worry about.




On the layers – the “vests” section isn’t usually your first stop in summertime,
but let me tell you, there are some light weight gems that won’t make you super
hot, they’ll just be that statement piece that takes you from ‘just wearing a black
dress’ to totally having style in the heat.




Throw this on with a pair of beachy wedges and you’re set for a barbeque in style.




I showed you this awesome denim vest I got at Thrift Town in a previous post.
It’s so versatile! I love layering it for summer.




This happens to be another of my tshirt dresses (with long sleeves, so don’t
do this in summer) but a really fun and edgy look with the studded ankle booties.




And pop your look with some cool colors, and keep your metalics in synch
with what’s already present in the outfit. The denim vest has silver buttons,
so keep that throughout the look.  Generally speaking, pair gold with warmer
colors (the outfits with the cream & brown vests) and silver for cooler colors.

With all this in mind, it is literally 109 degrees here in Sacramento,
so I’m gonna keep my rockin’ layers, but still avoid the outdoors at all costs.

Are you rocking your thrifted summer LAYERS ?
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Happy Spring Thrifting! — Kari




     Kari Shipman is thrifty, crafty, resourceful and is a passionate momma and business owner. Kari owns her own Fashion Consulting Business, Juniper James and lives out her passions in Northern California with her wonderful husband Charles, and their feisty little girl Olive.


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