Mad for Mod! REAL Mid Century Modern Finds

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Mid century modern is everywhere and it’s HOT. HOT. HOT!

The c  lean lines and simplicity of furniture built in the middle of the 20th century (1933-1965) give off a certain vibe that is fun, fresh and uncomplicated. It’s been the darling of decorating shows and magazines for several years running. I can’t lie, I’m a sucker for mid century modern decor. I have been trying to include in a mix of mid century pieces throughout my home for some time. It works effortlessly with other styles and other decades.  With mid century modern, you can GO BIG and look like you live in another decade, or just work in a few accent pieces for a pop of FUN. Either look is great.

Looking to snatch up your own mid century pieces?

There are telltale signs like egg shaped chairs, peg legs (straight or slanted), brushed gold/brass, kidney table shapes, big orbs for lighting, and medium toned woods with clean lined surfaces.  After all these years, these pieces are still fresh and fun. Keep your eyes open when thrifting and you could score yourself a piece of mid century history.

Like with any furniture, there are varying levels of quality and you get what you pay for. Vinyl chairs will cost a lot less than leather. A dresser with dovetail joints and made from solid wood will cost more than a dresser made with wood veneer. Mid century furniture was made with various materials like plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, wood. Furniture marked made in Denmark is highly sought after and usually of better quality. Buying these vintage pieces at a thrift store is definitely more affordable than buying new replicas, unless you’re looking at some of the highly collectible iconic pieces, like Eames chairs that can run into the thousands of dollars and are generally sold at antiques stores or online, but you never know what you’ll find at Thrift Town so be on the lookout!


I have found pieces of authentic mid century pieces at thrift Town for about $6. I have also found treasured finds at estate sales and free on the side of the road! The hunt is thrilling!

These swivel chairs marked made in Compton, CA with brushed brass legs were about $6 each at Thrift Town. I spray painted away the goldenrod color with white marine vinyl paint. (Note, when you paint an original item you can reduce the value of the item so be careful).  These chairs are not perfect, but I have treasured them for years. This sleek side table with the storage cubby was also from Thrift Town and it was a steal at $5.99. It’s a lower end piece of furniture since it’s made of plastic and wood veneer, but it has the style I was after for a great price.


This solid maple Leslie Diamond dresser from 1947 was a rescue from the side of the road. I Googled it and found it was worth about $1,000 a couple years ago. Score!


My TV stand was from an estate sale and cost much less than buying a quality new piece of furniture.

Feeling inspired! Share your mid century finds with us!

Happy Thrifting!






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  1. jacquie

    these are beautiful! i share your passion! when house shopping i had to understand that within my means i could only afford a cookie cutter house, but have furnished the inside with thrift store and mainly estate sale finds. until recently I hadn’t heard of thrift town – which is amazing since i used to live in S. Austin and frequented Cherry Creek. I look forward to making the trek from Gtown in search of the perfect match for my mid century lamp i snagged for $10 that graces only one of my night stands.

    • Jacquie, You are a person after my heart. My home is full of hand-me-downs, garage sale, thrift store and hand made items. I get the biggest kick out of finding these treasures. Please come see us when you can! -Ashley