Men’s Jackets

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When I go thrifting, I usually head straight for the men’s clothing section. I love to be comfortable in my clothes, and I have found that men’s clothing is often way more comfy than women’s. And they can be cute and stylish too! My style is inspired by the 90’s grunge era, so I tend to look for flannel shirts and oversized denim and leather jackets. I have four jackets that I use as my staple fashion items in the winter/fall months, and I found them all in the men’s jacket section at Thrift Town.

This one is one of my favorites because my dad use to wear a jacket just like it when I was little. It is a Lee Stormrider denim jacket, lined with fleece for extra warmth, and a corduroy collar. I wear this one all the time, and I got it for only $9.99!

This one is a fun authentic suede jacket lined with satin. It is large, so it has a loose and slouchy comfy fit that I love. This one was $15.99!

┬áThis one is actually the BFI San Mateo garbage man jacket from the 90’s, and it is probably in my top three favorite items of clothing. It is a denim bomber that is great for layering, and is also super comfortable and warm. This one was only $9.99!

This last one is an Authentice Adler leather jacket. This one has 2 different brown tones on the collar and the pockets, and it is super warm and goes great with everything! And it was only $15.99!

Great deals on authentic leather and awesome denim jackets that I wear everyday is just another reason I love Thrift Town!


  1. Anita Cornman

    That is a fantastic idea and I will begin looking at the men’s dept more often!

    • ashley

      Thanks so much for your feedback. Yes, do shop Men’s. They have great fashion for us ladies.