Getting Crafty With Sweaters!

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Every winter Thrift Town has an abundance of sweaters in store so I decided to see what other uses an everyday sweater can have. I am extremely limited when it comes to my sewing abilities, so with that in mind, I surfed the Pinterest waves and landed on four sweater upcycling projects that required zero sewing.

   phtoo of sweaters

1. Leg warmers for the kiddos.

2. Boot toppers for the fashionistas.

3. Finger-less gloves for the techies.

Leg Warmer Supplies: Sweater, scissors, ribbon

   photo of craft supplies

These were way easier than I thought they were going to be. Cut the sleeve off a colorful sweater to your desired length. At the bottom (and or at the top depending on how small the leg is that is going to be kept warm!), make small little snips into the fabric all the way around the sleeve about a half inch to an inch apart in an equal line.


Take the ribbon and thread it through the snips, and tie the ends together to form a bow.

   photo of sweater craft      photo of leg warmer

Boot Topper Supplies: sweater, scissors

These are ridiculously easy. Literally cut the sleeve of the sweater to the desired length of the topper. Some people like it longer, some like them shorter. Put your leg through it, zip up your boot, and you’ve just added a little bam to your boot.

   image of boot topper

Finger-less Gloves Supplies: sweater, scissors, double-sided adhesive tape

These too were very simple. Cut the sleeve to dthe esired length. Put your hand against the sleeve and mark a line where your thumb hits. You can either simply make a snip here and wear your glove this way, or you can make an incision with the scissors where your thumb would go, and cut away the excess material alongside where your pointer finger would hit on the glove. Place a piece of adhesive along next to where your pointer finger would rest, press the two sides of the sweater together and you’ve got yourself a glove. Here’s some pics that may explain it a bit better!

   photo of fingerless gloves      photo of fingerless gloves      image of fingerless gloves 2


For a visual tutorial, check out when I debuted this on my Good Day Sacramento Thrifty Thursday segments. Part one has the leg warmers and boot toppers. Part two has the gloves and coffee sleeve.

Happy thrifting!

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