Thrift Town’s Top 20 Thrift Tips!

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Happy National Thrift Store Day
Thrift Town’s TOP 20 Thrift Shopping Tips!

  1. Bring Photos (ipad/smartphone) Recreate Looks you Love!
  2. Know the current & upcoming fashion trends (pantsuits for fall would be good here!)
  3. TT is Sized & Colorized – makes it less overwhelming!
  4. If you like it, put it in your cart – it might be gone later!
  5. Look For Colorful Accessories – home & fashion
  6. Have a Plan, but Keep An Open Mind (lists can be helpful, but be prepared to be surprised!)
  7. Don’t Be A Hoarder – donate back and free your closet space
  8. Go Often & Be Patient – 4,000 items arriving daily
  9. Look For Classic Pieces
  10. Watch for Brand Names
  11. Think Spray Paint
  12. Think Creatively & Take a Risk
  13. Try on Clothes – dressing rooms!
  14. Shop the Off Season Racks – great deals
  15. Shop the Men’s Dept (flannels, sweaters)
  16. Color Tag Sales – change on Mondays!
  17. Don’t Miss the Books! Amazing finds!
  18. Bring a Friend! Way more fun!
  19. Be a VIP – Extra Savings/App
  20. Be Proud of your Responsible GREEN Shopping! (reduce carbon footprint!)




I am the art director and marketing manager for Thrift Town. I have worked for Thrift Town for just about twenty years and I'm passionate about thrift, decorating, entertaining, crafting and, of course Thrift Town.

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