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Fall is such a fun time of year with cooler weather and cozy clothes! I’ve been finding a lot of velvet at Thrift Town lately, so I decided to put a cute velvet outfit together. I found a long black crushed velvet skirt ($2.99) and a button-up burnt velvet shirt ($1.99). I thought that the shirt would look better as a wrap so I re-did it!




Step 1: Choose a button-up shirt at least 1 size larger than the size you normally wear.


Step 2: Cut off the collar and the bottom half of the shirt.


Step 3: Sew new hems along where you just cut.


Step 4: Sew two long ties using the extra fabric from the bottom of the shirt and attach them to the corners of the bottom hem.


Pair it with a cute black skirt for a spooky fall look!




I hope you guys enjoyed my blog!






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1 Comment

  1. I Looooove this! ❤️️