Sparkle Like Lynzie- Upcycling with Vintage Jewelry

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photo LynzieMy sister Lynzie Norquist was a guest blogger back in 2013. She LOVED to make things sparkle just like she did. To honor her, I’m reposting a few of her beautiful handcrafted items and I’m linking back to a couple of her “how to” blogs.




This holiday season, if you’re crafty get your sparkle on and make something pretty for yourself (Maybe New Year’s Eve) or give a touching gift for a loved one. Lynzie would approve. 🙂

photo mermain jewelry box

Mermaid jewelry box just waiting for your own secret treasures.

Cuff encrusted with vintage bling.

Photo of large cuff bracelet

Super wide cuff with vintage rhinestones, earrings, etc. Lots of little treasures like sea stars hidden within the stones.

photo of cuffs adn necklce

Various creations. The top necklace was made out of a vintage rhinestone necklace from Thrift Town and was modernized with turquoise.

photo of rhinestone cuff bracelet

This beautiful cuff was auctioned off at a charity fundraiser in San Francisco.

photo of vintage purse with owl

Super cute vintage bag with vintage owl necklace pendant.

photo of vintage purse with shoe clip

Vintage Thrift Town bag with a vintage brooch. Simple vintage fun.

photo of beach bag

Even your beach bag looks better with some bling. Vintage necklace, silk flower and vintage earring make for a festive beach bag.

photo of Lynzie as a little girl

Lynzie was born loving her sparkles.

image sparkle like Lynzie



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  1. Beautiful Ashley — you made Lynzie sparkle her talents are displayed so nicely

    • Thanks, Megan! This post has been shared almost 200 times today. Makes me happy. I know she would be too.

  2. Her work is so beautiful!

  3. Jessica Blumenfeld

    Seeing this and remembering Lynzie made me so happy. Her creativity and spirit always inspired me. I miss her so much. Thank you for sharing. 💗