Summertime Blues- A Hot Color This Season!

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Swimming in Summertime Blues ~

Want to cool down your summertime wardrobe? Thrift Town has all the blues to help you get through the heat. Blue, being a primary color of many qualities, is said to create productivity in a workspace as well as being a calming and relaxing color.  On my last trip thrifting, I found everything from tops, to bottoms, and even an amazingly cute dress! I really love the color blue and most of the various shades. Denim is one of my favorite blues, and perfect for any summertime outfit.

First, I found this Urban Outfitters dip dyed vest tank for $3.99! I love the gradation of color. It can work as a shirt or vest by layering a tank underneath.      IMG_9954 (1)


Denim is always a good section at Thirft Town to check out because of the wide range of sizes, cuts and styles. There’s also a lot of opportunity for DIY projects with denim jeans. They usually have SO many Levis its amazing (especially when you’re looking on days where Denim is 50% off!!).

   IMG_9864 (1)

This dress was only $5.99 and couldn’t be cuter! This is my favorite bright blue, especially during the summer time. The style is so cute, it’s perfect for a day time event or even an evening date night. I love it!



This plain tee is a beautiful blue! Has a little bit of purple in it mellowing out the brightness. It’s the perfect style to cut up or tye dye and turn into a DIY project!

   IMG_9927 (1)


Last but not least (and actually my favorite), I found this adorable tie dyed tank made with white and different shades of blue. I love its summer vibes! Only $1.99!

   IMG_9850 (1)


   IMG_9853 (1)


Blues come in all shapes, shades, and sizes! Blue tones are very versatile as well, make sure to check out all the cool blues Thrift Town has to offer!

   selfAli Futrell lives in San Francisco and attends the San Francisco Art Institute. She loves DIY projects and anything involving fashion or art. Being a starving student, she has come to realize thrifting is a great way to save money yet still look fashionable, and Thrift Town makes that possible! #alisblog

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