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It’s prom season and with this right-of-passage comes a lot of pressure. Finding the right date, the cost, the fear of wearing the same exact dress as somebody else… You get the picture. Finding the perfect dress, suit, shoes or accessories that make you feel great can seem harder than the SAT. Even more distressing are the absurd formalwear prices at some retailers. The average teen spends more than $600 on prom. Don’t let that be you!

Not to worry, It’s Thrift Town to the rescue! We have a large selection of formalwear at affordable prices, like under $20 prices. Aside from great value and exponentially increasing the likelihood of not wearing the same thing as somebody else, buying secondhand is green. A lot of labor and resources go into producing a formal garment that generally gets worn once. That is such a waste. Do Mother Earth and your debit card a solid and give that formal garment a second chance at your prom. If you’re crafty, you can alter something you thrift and make your own magic just like this past grand prize winner in the blue dress. The black top and leaves were added to the dress. Impressive.



If you wear secondhand to the prom, we’d love to see it. Enter to win our contest!

  • Grand Prize: $100 Thrift Town Gift Card
  • 3 Runners Up Prizes: $25 Thrift Town Gift Card


  • Post a photo of you (alone) in your thrifted prom attire on Instagram
  • #ThriftTownProm2018
  • Write any details about your thrifted prom
  • Post by May 31, 2018
  • If you win, you must provide signed consent so we can repost your photo entry
  • Winner & Runners Up will be our favorite outfit/story
  • Winners announced by June 15, 2018
  • Good Luck!

Here are some of our previous Prom Contest entries and Prom Displays. Check us out for attire, shoes, cluthces, and jewelry.


Happy Thrifting!



I am the art director and marketing manager for Thrift Town. I have worked for Thrift Town for just about twenty years and I'm passionate about thrift, decorating, entertaining, crafting and, of course Thrift Town.


  1. Kimberly Tuttle

    I bought a dress for prom at thrifttown and paid $20.

    • Ashley

      That’s amazing. Did you #thrifttownprom2018 on our instagram? Contest ended, but it has not been judged yet. We could squeeze you in.