10 Thanksgiving Hosting Tips & One Table Two Ways- Under $100

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Some people get stressed out and unnecessarily worked up over hosting Thanksgiving. I like to approach it with an everything will turn out great attitude. Aside from a fried turkey fire, not much can go wrong. On Thanksgiving the food is clearly the star, but the next most important feature is the table setting. Thrift Town has your Thanksgiving table covered. Creating a tablescape with thrifted items makes entertaining with the “real stuff” affordable and fun.

This amazing thrifted tablescape was created for under $100. Seriously! Plates, flatware, goblets, linens, candle holders, menu and more. 



  1. You do not have to do this alone. People like to help so have guests bring a favorite dish or let them come early to help you. It makes things more fun. Really.
  2. Everything does not need to match or be “perfect” to be perfect. Use real plates and silverware whenever possible. China doesn’t match? It’s okay! Mix and match and go with totally random patterns or just match a color like all white for a more cohesive look.
  3. Make it pretty. Decorate the table and food service/bar areas with tablecloths, candles, flowers or natural elements such as fall leaves, feathers, squash, driftwood. Choose a color theme, or be colorful with multi colors. It’s not rocket science. Don’t be afraid of DIY decorations if you are crafty- or adventurous.
  4. Small touches like place cards and cloth napkins go a long way.   Click here to see how to set a formal table.
  5. Make sure you have enough serving dishes and utensils ahead of time. That way there’s time if you need to hit up a friend or Thrift Town.
  6. Set the mood with some music. New wireless speakers make it easy in any room or outside.
  7. You don’t need to buy brand new dishes, silverware, drinkware and decor. Thrift Town has loads of affordable vintage china sets or mix and match items that look just as beautiful (or even more so) as anything you can buy new. Sometimes even better. It’s green and most definitely less expensive! photo of great dish set at thrift town
  8. Splurge on quality ingredients- Thanksgiving only happens once a year! Need good recipes? Check Pinterest for inspiration, like this one for   stuffing muffins.
  9. Get yourself ready first. It’s better to be fussing over the food and the table than doing your hair and makeup when the first guests arrive. True.
  10. Don’t forget to have fun!

ONE TABLE TWO WAYS… The plates, silverware, drinkware, napkins, candle holders and adorable turkey salt and pepper shakers are the same on both tables. All items on these beautiful tables were from Thrift Town.


I kept this table simple and natural. It has a subtle gold and white pallet. To bring nature to the table, I planted succulents in glass candle votives and used a burlap runner from Thrift Town’s fabric bins. I spray painted the tall candle holders and plate chargers gold.






This table also has a lot of natural elements, just more of them and with more color. For a pop of fall color, cheery silk sunflowers were inserted into the napkin rings and silk fall leaves were added to the tall candle holders. A dinner menu also painted with gold spray paint is a festive touch.



Happy Thanksgiving & Cheers! Tell us about your thrifted Thanksgiving. Check out our   Thrifted Thanksgiving Pinterest board for more thrifty inspiration!


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