Thrift Town LOVES “Lady Bird”

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Photo from Greta at the Academy Awards. She was mentioned as one of the Best Dressed in Fashion presented by Cambria. She looked lovely in yellow.

We’re proud as punch of “Lady Bird” and Greta Girwig! We so enjoyed being part of this “Lady Bird” journey with Greta, movie-goers, the Academy Awards and Sacramento locals.

“Lady Bird” won Best Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes and was nominated for FIVE Academy Awards!:

  1. Best Picture, Greta Girwig
  2. Best Director, Greta Girwig
  3. Best Original Screen Play, Greta Girwig
  4. Best Actress, Saoirse Ronan
  5. Best Supporting Actress, Laurie Metcalf

 “Lady Bird” had two scenes filmed at our 410 El Camino Sacramento Store, and many of the other scenes were filmed throughout Sacramento. In an article in the The San Francisco Chronicle Girwig insists she meant “Lady Bird” as a “love letter to Sacramento”.  There is no doubt that Sacramento LOVES Greta and “Lady Bird” back. See the official movie trailer.

Here is a movie clip from “Anatomy of a Scene” scene filmed in Thrift Town with the Greta’s comments about the location and the actors.

This photo of “Lady Bird” and her mom shopping for a prom dress was filmed in our store. Note they changed out our dressing room door signs. I think they did that because they are brushed aluminum and probably reflected.

Come see where the magic happened! Visit our store at 410 El Camino, Sacramento, CA. Don’t forget to take a selfie!

Since “Lady Bird” became so famous, we have enjoyed a lot of press and have had a few featured stories on location. Click here to see our Lady Bird Oscar Party segment on Good Day Sacramento. We were even mentioned in the New York Times in an article on Silver Screen Travel Inspiration. Photographed above is Phoebe Verkouw, The Dress Fiend,  dishing “Lady Bird” and Oscar fashion the day after the Academy Awards at Thrift Town.

“Lady Bird” was decorated with too many awards and nominations in the film industry for us to mention. If you’re curious, click here to see the list of nominations and awards. A personal note to Greta from Thrift Town. We know you didn’t take home a statue, but we are so proud of you and so honored to be a part of your beautiful movie. These DIY Ken Doll Oscars are for you!






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  1. Had to look up your store after seeing Lady Bird. Loved that movie! Sorry that our thrift store, Savers is closing in a couple months in Milpitas.

    • Hi Norm, so glad you saw Lady Bird. We were so honored to be a part of it. Please shop the thrift stores you love. Being in retail business is tough these days. Happy Thrifting!