Thriftmas Presents!

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Thriftmas Presents!

Grabbing 5 thrifty ideas from my 5 favorite projects, this blog will give you fabulous ideas for thriftmas shopping this year! Not all gifts have to be expensive in order to be nice. To me, it’s always the thought that counts and the time that went into it. Time being the most important present of all. But considering the busy lives everyone lives, a thoughtful present from Thrift Town do just fine. All these gifts cost under $10 which is perfect because they’re very affordable.
My 5 favorite DIY projects from Thrift Town which will make FAB presents this year:


1. Boho Chic Bracelet Bottle ~ This is one of my favorite projects ever because not only does it look cute sitting on your counter, but it’s also very useful. With this gift all you need is a recycled bottle and spray paint. Once the bottle is sprayed with your choice of color and has dried for 24 hours, check out Thrift Town for cute bracelets to wrap around it. You’ll be giving them not only a bracelet holder, but a few bracelets as well! Total cost about $5 depending on much the bracelets cost and paint.



























2. The Gingerbread Maple Syrup Sparkling Candle! ~ I bought these cute tea cups from Thrift Town for 99¢ ea. then i placed a wick on the bottom center of each of them.

Boil the wax (any type works, i bought a tub of the jelly kind) until completely melted and add the fragrance of your choice while doing so. I used the Gingerbread Maple Syrup fragrance for the holidays. You’re going to need glitter for your next step!

Lastly, after you pour the liquified wax into the tea cup make sure the wick stays centered. Let it cool for about 10 seconds, then dump the glitter on!! I love glitter so I used ALOT. You don’t need a big bottle of glitter as shown above, just enough to cover the surface of the candle.

Light it and enjoy your sparkling, yummy scented candle! This is a great affordable gift for friends, family, and those who especially enjoy sparkly things!

















3. Diy Decor Plates ~ Thirft Town has a great selection of plates, however I don’t use mine to eat off of… I buy mine to paint on! I love this idea because it’s basically recycling the use of a product. All you have to do is either get a glass pen, or a sharpie and draw on your design. This is a great gift because it can be personalized and very specific. Total $4.





















4. Artsy Journals~ It’s not guaranteed Thrift Town will carry sketchbooks or journals but when they do,  they are always super neat! I found these sketch books there for 99¢ each! All I did was use fabric paint to outline some of the designs and make my own patterns. This makes a great gift because designing the cover yourself is more unique than anything you’ll find in a normal retail store! Also, this is a great opportunity to write a little message inside to the person you give this to with always have a reminder of who it’s from 😉 Total $1.



















5. DIY Tribal Leather Purse ~  Thrift Town has a fabulous selection of bags and purses. I payed $3 for the purse and $2 for the fabric. All you have to do is put fabric glue  on the back of the fabric then lay it on the bag and let it dry! Total $5.




















Thanks for reading my blog, can’t wait to see what Thriftmas presents you come up with for this years holidays!


Ali Futrell lives in San Francisco and attends the San Francisco Art Institute. She loves DIY projects and anything involving fashion or art. Being a starving student, she has come to realize thrifting is a great way to save money yet still look fashionable, and Thrift Town makes that possible! #alisblog


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  1. Katie Field

    Love the bracelet holder and the candles! Looks like I have some future projects for my daughter and I. As always, thanks for your creativity!, Ali!