Thrifty Cool Instagram Contest WINNERS March-May 2018

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We LOVE when you give us a shout out and #ThriftTown on Instagram! Our customers are so talented and creative. Their photos delight and inspire us greatly! Thrift is beautiful and these winners’ photos exemplify the beauty of thrift and the excitement of the hunt. Congratulations to them all!

Every month we select one Thrifty Cool winner (or a few) who receives a $25 Thrift Town gift card. Thrift Town posts winners on Instagram at the beginning of each month by placing our Thrifty Cool Winner Logo on their winning photo. Winners should contact us via private message so we can coordinate your prize. Note, we may republish winning #thriftotwn posts in various Thrift Town promotions. Get creative! Start snapping and posting today! Below are our winners between March and May 2018!

#thrifttown and  It could be you!

Bailey L, Sacramento, CA

Fred F, Sacramento, CA

Jamie T


Alex. H, Sacramento

Heather D

Nha N, CA


Faster than Fashion


Rosie’s Recycles






I am the art director and marketing manager for Thrift Town. I have worked for Thrift Town for just about twenty years and I'm passionate about thrift, decorating, entertaining, crafting and, of course Thrift Town.


  1. Raquel

    These are beyond amazing! Wow!
    I especially LOVED the maternity outfits.
    Great job ! Everyone did so fantastic.
    It is inspiring.