Thrifty Tween Styles: Glow-Dance Outfit!

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Last week my school put on a Glow Dance. I was really excited as this year I am in Leadership and was able to be part of the planning committee. I was so busy making sure the dance details were perfect that I totally forgot to think of an outfit for me to wear that would look good under the black lights until the day of! Thankfully my mom agreed to grab a few things for me at Thrift Town as she was headed there that day. I gave her a list of things I wanted her to look for:

– A white t-shirt

-Something BRIGHT Pink

-Black leggings

-Fun Socks

That is exactly what she came home with! And she only spent $10! Here’s my outfit and a few shots from the dance. It was so much fun!

     gianna dance

     glo2      gloparty      gianna at dance

   Balboa_Hollywood_SLO 756

Gianna & Sydney are 13 years old and are in the 7th grade. They both love sports, the beach, shopping, and antagonizing their siblings (Gianna has two little brothers, Syd has a twin brother and teen sister). Gianna & Syd have been BFF’s for the past 4 years and look forward to doing many more Thrifty Tween Style blogs, which have even been featured on Good Day Sacramento!

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