Thrifty Tween Styles: Renaissance Fair Costume

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Each year, the 7th grade class at my middle school hosts a Renaissance Fair. This year it’s finally my turn! My group is doing a pancake station, so I needed a costume that was traditional for someone who was a baker during the Renaissance period. I went to Thrift Town and found the essentials for not one, but two costume choices! Check them out…I still can’t decide which one to wear!

Option 1…love it, but not sure if it’s too dressy for a baker? Beautiful gray prom dress layered with a fun short sleeved shirt and vest. I have a white apron and a scarf to cinch everything in since the dress is a little big on me. The scarf is in my school colors which are orange and blue. The vest is navy blue too…which is also a perfect tie-in!

     unnamed (4)   unnamed

     unnamed (1)

Option 2…really love the purple of the dress, and the sleeves are longer which is more fit toward the period of dress. I also think this is more fitting of a baker.

     unnamed (2)      unnamed (3)

So much to think about! Hope I pick the right one!

     unnamed (5)

Or, maybe I’ll completely mix and match them and come up with a totally different combo!

     I am 13 years old and in the 7th grade. I love sports, the beach, shopping, and antagonizing my two little bros. I look forward to doing many more Thrifty Tween Style blogs, which have even been featured on Good Day Sacramento!

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