Vogue Cover Recreated- We’re Gaga for Lady Gaga!

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Awhile back Good Day Sacramento did an exciting story on recreating four iconic Vogue Cover photos. In this post, we are featuring the Lady Gaga Cover recreated with Thrift Town finds for under $15! I’ve got to say, it looks like a million bucks! To achieve the look, a tie was tied around Holly’s waist and a belt was thrown over her shoulder. Holly’s photo turned out so amazing! Photography was done by the talented Ashley Unexpected. We had a blast being part of such a fun project. Can’t wait for another exciting adventure in Thrifting!

Photo of Lady Gaga Vogue Cover recreated

Side by side. Left, the iconic Lady Gaga Vogue cover. Right Holly in Thrift Town Clothing iconic cover recreated.

photo image of behind the sceens Lady Gaga cover recreated

Getting ready for the shoot.

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