What I Made: Wearable Art- Cuffs & Rhinestone Necklace

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By Guest Blogger, Lynzie Norquist, Sea Siren Designs San Francisco

What I Made:  Wearable Art- Cuffs & Rhinestone Necklace


Why: Once upon a time, a long time ago, my girlfriend gave me a top with a huge rhinestone snake on it. She confessed, “This reminds me of my parents in the 80’s”. Anyhow, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure… I disassembled the jewels on the top, and voilà I crafted it into a super cute jewelry box. From this point, my bedazzling fetish was born. I quickly moved from making jewelry boxes to cuffs so people could take these sparkly treasures on the road.

Where: Thrift Town is a great source for interesting one-of-a-kind jewels and treasures for making wearable art. There are also many vintage jewels available. I look for those first, as their quality is superior to the trendy stuff they sell today.  Also remember that orphan earrings and pendants make for great design elements and focal points. I found some of these “blank cuffs” at Thrift Town, but if you don’t get as lucky as me you can purchase a basic blank cuff on   ETSY or   Jans Jewlery Supplys.

How ?:  I usually design and create a cuff in several sittings. I think through the design first before I get to gluing. All you need are some basic jewelry making tools, good glue and your imagination. (   See my Upcycled Purse blog for a list of many common tools.)

How Much Does It Cost?:  I wish I had the magic answer to this question. The cost really is dependent on the prices of the jewels that go into your project. Prices can range from very thrifty to very expensive depending on the materials used. I’d advise starting out with less expensive items until you get the hang of it.

These cuffs and redesigned rhinestone necklace were created with many treasures from Thrift Town.





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