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It’s that time of year when it feels like it’s been cold for a liiiiiiittle too long, and we’re all yearning for a bit of warmth and sunshine. But while it insists on being cold for a month or so, we might as well enjoy it! Here in California (Sacramento to be exact) we have the unique pleasure of being just a short drive from the beach or the mountains. This past weekend my family and I got to get away from it all up in the snow and since we don’t have that extreme weather here, we had to go stock up on warm gear.



Packing for the snow (or using my thrifted suitcase as a rocketship)
in a strappy thrifted top. Orange suitcase/rocketship: $10.99


I had ZERO warm jackets that would even slightly repel water or snow. I hit up Thrift
Town determined to walk out with something that would work for our snow weekend,
even if it wasn’t my ideal look or super cute… and I majorly scored. For $9.99 this
adorable puffy creme jacket fit like a glove and I got compliments all weekend on it.
For under $10, you can’t beat that!




This scarf is so soft and cozy, and goes with pretty much anything. $5.99




I’m a sucker for warm neutral slouchy beanies with a big puff ball on top.
All of them were under $5.00




For $1.99 I decided it would be worth it to get to pairs. Love that the
mustard pair has the flip-up mitten option so you can keep most of your
hands warm and still take pics with your smartphone. #priorities




This squishy stripey pile is technically a “scarf” but it’s more like a mini wearable blanket. Blanket scarves are always welcome in cold weather and having a cute travel mug for hot coffee is even better. Scarf: $5.99 // Mug: $1.99




We had Olive’s jacket from a friend but I found the matching hat for
$1.99, making her squishy pink marshmallow babe. It was such a fun
weekend with friends, made even better by staying cozy for less.


Have a snow trip coming up? Get your gear at Thrift Town and
TAG US: @thrifttown


Happy Thrifting! — Kari





     imageKari Shipman is a personal stylist, image consultant and art director with her company   Juniper James. Thrifty, crafty, and resourceful this passionate momma and business owner. Kari lives out her passions in Northern California with her wonderful husband Charles, and their feisty little girl Olive.


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